• Students, who fall short of 75% of the total attendance, will not be allowed to appear for the Final Examination.

  • Shortage of attendance up to 15% only, may be condoned by the Principal under special circumstances after a written request by the parents/guardians. However, for class X &XII, CBSE rules apply and shortage of attendance cannot be condoned at the school level.

  • Authorized participation in inter-school activities and sponsored tournaments /sports-meet of not less than inter-School level, including the days of a journey for such participation shall be counted as full attendance. This will be marked as EL (Education Leave)

  • Attendance on the day before the school vacations and also on the first day after the vacations are compulsory. No leave of absence is granted on the said days expect by the principle and upon the prior written application from the parent/guardian.

  • If a student remains absent from the class for whatever reasons, he/she is required to bring, a letter from the parents or guardians on the day the student attends the school.