Education today is a bipolar process in which we have the school on the one side and the parents on the other. The continuous exchange of feelings and information from either side would make this bipolar process more effective and more suitable to meet the needs of modern trends in education. This Almanac is aimed at serving this purpose; the purpose of establishing a vital link between the school and the parents.

It is to be ensured that your ward brings this Almanac to the school everyday. It is expected of parents that they go through the Almanac everyday and check, if there is any communication from the school, with regard to their ward's day to day work and conduct. It will further be appreciated that the comments made by you in the Almanac refer to the student's work and conduct. Any observation regarding the teaching methods or any other suggestions, if necessary, can be conveyed in a separate letter addressed to the Headmistress, who will personally look into the matter.

Towards Greater Heights


10 May 2012

'An Interactive Programme on Financial Literacy for Creating awareness about Banking & Financial Products' was organized by Disha Financial Literacy & Credit Counselling Centre. About 200 students along with the teachers participated in the Seminar. Prizes were awarded to 3 students & 2 teachers who had answered the highest number of questions correctly.

17 October 2012

A seminar was conducted by the faculty members of Raffle’s University to explain about the various avenues in the field of Commerce, Law, BBA & MBA.The focus was on the “Idea 2020” which aimed at assessing the creative abilities & aptitude of Children.

7 December 2012

The students of Classes IX & X visited Durgapura Railway Station to see the “Science Express” train, to gain the knowledge of bio-diversity. This Express train had sixteen air conditioned coaches in which the students saw various models, documentaries & games based on agriculture, extinct species, energy & water conservation.


1. The students must return the books borrowed from the library on time.
2. The student is fully responsible for the books that he/she borrows from the library.
3. If a book is lost or damaged, he/she would be expected to replace the book or bear its cost alongwith the penalty.
4. Before commencement of the examination, the student will have to return the book he/she has borrowed, otherwise
   ‘No Dues Certificate’ will not be issued which is imperative for appearing in the Summative Examinations.


The school honours its pupils in the following fields - 1. Academic Excellence.
2. Excellence in Sports.
3. Co-curricular activities.
4. Full Attendance.
5. Best All-rounder.
6. Best House for overall performance in Sports Academic and Cultural Activities.


On admission of a student to the Vidyalaya, parents are asked to submit the medical fitness certificate of their ward. The Vidyalaya maintains a record of height and weight of the student during his/her stay in the Vidyalaya.

Regular lectures are arranged on Health Education in Vidyalaya.


The school has a House System for inculcating the spirit of healthy competition among the students. The students are divided into four Houses - Gandhi, Shivaji, Pratap and Tagore. House competitions are organised on every Saturday except the 2 Saturday of every month.


The following days will be celebrated at the school level. Though Independence Day and Republic Day are holidays, they are celebrated in the school. On both these occasions, the attendance of the students is compulsory.
1. Independence Day
2. Teachers' Day
3. Annual Day
4. Children's Day
5. Republic Day
6. Sports Day


The school wants to impart value based and total education to its pupils. If the school and the parents work hand in hand, the children are sure to develop into responsible, knowledgeable, cultured and humane citizens who can bring glory to the motherland. With this view in mind the parents/guardians are requested to take note of the points Click here to read more...


Students must adhere to the following rules and set a good example of their behaviour and conduct. Click here to read more...